• Regular Seitan
    Soy sauce seasoned Seitan. Great for everyday use from stir-fry to soups and kebabs.
  • Seitan Steaks
  • Just like the “Regular”
    only in steak shape. Good for recipes calling for “cutlets”
  1. 1 lb $10.00
  2. 5 lbs + $8.00/lb
  3. 1/2 lb $5.50

Yogurt cheeses
But what is yogurt cheese?
It is a creamy spread-able cheese made from straining yogurt of over a couple days. We then spice it up, with different herbs, spices, and other secret ingredients.

  • Plain
    Just like its called. Nothing too fancy. Healthy alternative to cream cheese.
  • Pepper
    Slightly spicy. Incredibly good. Eat with our bread and medium-red wine by a warm fire. Enjoy.
  • Herbs
    It’s not a talking VW bug, but its early, classic herbs add a perfect boost to this cheese. A great spread for sandwiches, crackers, a hunk of bread, or right off the spoon.
  • Sweet Surprise
    Secret ingredients and a little magic make this a dessert cheese. We like to stuff it in apricots, use it in cake fillings, or in pastries with preserves.
  1. 8oz $4.00
  2. 16oz $7.50

Break our bread with a friend and be friends forever. Homemade using a no-knead method, slow rising (24 hours) with very little yeast this bread made of the best local unbleached flour, is great for your digestive system.

  • Plain
  • Parmesan
  • Herb
  1. $4.50

Other Products

Love our food, but have little time to cook?
Let Seitanic Kitchen cook for you!
Contact us about pre-made, warm in the oven, dishes, delivered to your door.
Take home some of the incredible dishes we feature at our catering events.
Options include, but are not limited to:

  • Lasagna
  • Seitan Shepherd’s pie
  • Homemade raviolis
  • Vegetarian and vegan patés
  • Bean burgers
  • Soups, & more

Made to order with the freshest ingredients, you won’t be disappointed. All our pastas are homemade.

Prices vary depending on dish and size, delivery or pick up

Call 802-221-0560 or email for pricing and ordering.

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